Misled to ruin!

There are many who are misled by people to ruin. The Lord Jesus Christ also taught that the blind leading blind would result in both falling into a pit. (Matthew 15:14) Sadly, there are many who trust such counsellors or mentors or guides.
1) Miserable counsellors: King Ahaziah also had his downfall because of counsellors who led him astray from the way of the Lord. “He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, as the house of Ahab had done. For after the death of his father they were his counsellors, to his undoing.” (II Chronicles 22:4) Job’s friends came to give care and comfort. But ended up as miserable counsellors and comforters. (Job 16:2)
2) Mischievous counsellors: Jonadab was a friend of Amnon, one of the sons of David. When he learnt about Amnon infatuation for Tamar, he gave wicked counsel to Amnon to rape Tamar. Amnon was foolish to accept his advice. Later he was murdered by Absalom, brother of Tamar. (II Samuel 13)
3) Malicious counsellors: There are counsellors who provide insights to ruin someone. Ahithophel was an esteemed counsellor, and his words were like oracles of God. He was related to Bathsheba and wanted to take revenge on David by killing him. Hence, he gave a military strategy to Absalom who rebelled against David. Knowing that David prayed that his counsel may turn into foolishness. (II Samuel 15:31)
4) Minion counsellors: Young counsellors who grew up with Rehoboam caused the split of the Nation of Israel. (I Kings 12:8)
5) Marvellous counsellors: The Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is the wonderful counsellor. (Isaiah 9:6) The Word of God is full of God’s counsel that could lead us to Eternity. The Holy Spirit of God is a comforter and counsellor who leads us into all truth. There are always Godly leaders who give right counsel.
Am I blessed who walk in the counsel of the Lord and reject wicked counsel? (Psalms 1:1-3)