Disastrous Desires!

A Belgian farmer got annoyed with a stone that obstructed his straight path, removed the stone, thus altered border between France and Belgium. (BBC news: 4 May 2021) It was an accident. However, there are others who do for gaining more property. There is a Tamil proverb that states three desires/lusts are dangerous: for money, land, and sex. Interestingly, bible provides examples for where these sinful desires could lead.
1) Land: King Ahab was not satisfied with all riches, assets, and wealth he had. His desire was to have an additional herb (vegetable) garden and found that Naboth’s land was the best. But he did not want to sell as it was his ancestral property. Sulking Ahab was promised the land by his wife Jezebel. She wrote a letter on behalf of king Ahab to village elders. The elders obeyed, called a meeting, brought two three scoundrels to accuse Naboth that he blasphemed against Jehovah and was stoned to death. Jezebel sent Ahab to take possession of the land. (I Kings 21:1-16) Lord through Elijah denounced Ahab’s action and Ahab’s blood will be licked by dogs.
2) Money: Judas betrayed Lord Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver. But within a few hours after he betrayed Lord Jesus Christ, Judas hated the money he loved and earned. Wealth obtained by selling Lord Jesus Christ will be a curse (Matt 27:3-10). Judas shipwrecked his faith and future. And those who gave the money, the chief priests and the elders, to betray did not take it back. He threw it in the Temple treasury. With that money a potter’s field was purchased to bury strangers.
3) Sex: Amnon son of David pretended sick of love and had Tamar to come and cook food. While serving food, he raped her. Then she was thrown out of house. “Then Amnon hated her with very great hatred, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her.” (II Samuel 13:15)
Do I shipwreck my faith by desiring illegitimate temporal things?