Do Not Mock the Poor

There are some pastors and preachers who mock the poor in their sermons. One said that the body of Lord Jesus Christ after his death was handed over to a rich man Joseph of Arimathea, not to the poor. (John 19: 39-42) God could not trust the Son of God’s body to be handed over to the poor. Another preacher said that beggar Lazar was poor because he did not pray or have enough faith. (Luke 16:19-31) Lord taught in that parable, the rich man was just buried, but Lazar was carried by angels.
Shut ears
Those who shut their ears, and do not like or want to hear the cry of the poor; will face the same result when they cry amid calamities. (Proverbs 21:13) Ignoring, boycotting, or shunning the poor is not right in the eyes of God. In fact, the rich man in the Parable was insensitive to poor Lazar. His attitude was judged by God.
The Bible clearly warns that Whoever mocks the poor insults the maker. (Proverbs 17:5) No one has the right to mock the poor, even preachers, pastors, and prophets. They cease to be ministers of God as they are insulting God Himself. God is the creator of all in the womb. (Job 31:15) The fact God is the maker of the poor as the well-off should make a rich man sympathetic and sensitive to the marginalized.
Gratefulness and graciousness
When a person is grateful for God’s goodness, benefits, blessings, and mercy in his/her life, will not look down on those who are less fortunate. Instead, they will be willing to show generosity and graciousness by helping others. They do not ridicule or mock others. Being aware that they could have been in that poor status, but for God’s grace, they are courteous and generous to others.
Evidence of faith
Few people wrongly think being rich is evidence of their faith. The real evidence of faith is how they use riches to cheer up, lift, and bless the poor. (Matthew 25:31-46)
Is my evidence in helping the poor?