Privilege or Purpose

One rich man who pleased his son by providing whatever he desired. The boy’s friend bought a Jaguar car. The boy insisted that he also needed one. To give such a car was not a good idea for a youngster. The boy said his status among his peers must be maintained. It was a prestige issue. He argued when he drives people will be impressed with his prowess. Sadly, within three months he miserably died in an accident, because the airbag did not open. The purpose of a car is to travel, quickly and comfortably to accomplish tasks. It is not for show or status.
Carts and bulls: Moses completed the construction of the Tabernacle and the priests along with Levites were to minister there. Thoughtfully, the leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel brought six wagons or covered carts and twelve oxen to drive the wagons. It was given for the purpose of Tabernacle, especially when it was shifted in the wilderness. God commanded Moses to receive them. Gershon and his team had two wagons and four oxen; Merari and his team got four wagons and eight oxen; but the sons of Kohath were given none as they had to carry Holy furniture or things on their shoulders. (Numbers 7:1-9)
Purpose: The leaders gave this gift to the service of Tabernacle. It is testified that Moses was faithful, and a man of integrity. (Hebrews 3:5) Instead of praying to God, he could have taken one or two wagons for his personal use. As a leader, in his old age, why should he walk like others? He was spiritually better if not superior when he conversed with God. Politically, spiritually, socially, education, talents, gifts…by any criteria, Moses was above the rest. Moses chose to ask God how the wagons should be used, not gifting them to his and Aaron’s sons.
Coterie: Moses did not create a special club for his brother Aaron, and sister Miriam and co-opt Joshua into the club to enjoy the new luxury of wagons.
Is my priority to usurp and enjoy privileges or fulfill His purpose?