Dramatic and Traumatic Miracles

A believer’s smartphone fell, and the touch screen was destroyed, he could see only an obscure or blurred screen. Upset he prayed that God could do a miracle to magically restore his phone. He put it in his pocket expecting a miracle, but nothing happened.
Dramatic miracles: Many have experienced dramatic miracles. A young 17-year-old was left to die by medical professionals but saw Lord Jesus, who spoke to him and gave him life. Now married with children. A differently-abled girl, always dependent on others, had a visitation from the Lord and is leading a healthy life.
Traumatic miracles: Joseph perhaps prayed for freedom from slavery in Potiphar’s home, but ended up in prison instead. It was a temporary trauma for Joseph, nevertheless, that led to a greater Dramatic miracle – becoming second to Pharaoh in Egypt. Job lost everything – assets, children, friends; except wife and life; in a quick succession. The job went through a traumatic miracle and in the end, God rewarded him with a double portion of all he lost. He also played a high priestly role in praying for his foolish and miserable comforter friends. Paul wanted a dramatic miracle of release from his ‘thorn in the flesh.’ But was offered an atraumatic miracle. He will go through the suffering – that was physical, emotional, psychological. and spiritual, however, he will enjoy God’s grace which would be sufficient to do well. (II Corinthians 12:8,9)
Paradox: The Hall of Fame for great people of faith has two sets of names. One set of people enjoyed dramatic miracles while the other endured traumatic miracles. Tortured, mocked, flogged, chained, imprisoned, stoned, sawn in two, killed by sword…etc. (Hebrews 11: 35-38)
Cross: Lord Jesus offered the cross to his disciples. Following God just for ‘Dramatic Miracles’ is an unwillingness to take up the cross. Amid traumatic miracles, following the Lord Jesus Christ is a real adventure. Pain, sickness, defeat, loss, suffering, hunger, thirst, taunt, trouble, treachery, and abuse could be the cross to bear for His Name’s sake.
Do I trust the Lord even during traumatic times?