Dream houses, Dead Assets

A desire to own a house is a dream of many. For that, people save and sacrifice. Interestingly, in the State of Kerala, many migrated to foreign countries. They sent their money to build houses to get settled after retirement. However, their children chose to settle abroad, old parents were forced to stay with them or return to India to live in old-age homes. 1.2 million such mansions are empty. The houses are unsold even for a lower price. (Times of India, 7 May 2023) Now, they are dead assets useful for none. It is like the one talented man burying his talent. (Matthew 25:25)
Earthly dreams: Most people dream and desire to have some possessions, attain some status, excel in a profession, create a legacy, or perpetuate memory. For that, they invest all their life and resources. In the end, it is like a museum or mist, not worth the effort. A rich man when he had a bumper harvest planned to expand his warehouses and store to enjoy for many years. Instead, he faced death, and all his assets became dead for the dead man. (Luke 12:16-21) Moses rejected the pleasures of this world and chose to suffer with the chosen people of God. (Hebrews 11: 24-26)
Eternal dream city: Abraham from the city of Ur, migrated to Haran, then began his journey without knowing the destination. (Genesis 12:1) He and his descendants Isaac and Jacob were not aimless wanderers, but pilgrims of faith. “For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.” (Hebrews 11:10) The Fathers of faith were not just looking for permanent houses, but the eternal city of God.
Eternal dream house: Lord Jesus Christ encouraged the troubled disciples with marvelous promise. There are many mansions in the dwelling place of Heavenly Father. Lord Jesus is preparing a place for his faithful followers. The houses would be custom-designed, perfect, permanent, spacious, lovely, and joyful dwelling places. He will take his people there. (John 14:1-2) There will not be empty houses in heaven.
Do I have an eternal home?