Eight Words for Bible

How should the bible be defined and described? Human words are inadequate to describe God’s gift to humanity. The longest poetry, psalm 119 has its theme as the inspired Word of God. In this psalm, eight Hebrew words are used to describe the Scripture. Each word or term reveals the multiple facets of the Bible.
Law: The Hebrew word Torah, used 25 times, is derived from teach or to direct. The word also means law and revelation. Law is used for a single law, as well as the whole set or body of laws in the Scripture.
Spoken Word: The Hebrew word dabar, used 24 times means the spoken word that was revealed to humanity. The word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.
Word: The Hebrew word imrah is used 19 times. It is similar to the previous one (Dabar) but it is wider in the application as it includes all commandments, promises, and spoken word.
Judgments: The Hebrew word mispatim is used 23 times. God’s holiness, righteousness, and justice is revealed in the Scripture. The word means to determine, discern, judge, regulate and decide.
Testimonies: The Hebrew word edut/edot is used 23 times. It is like the word witness. It means loyalty to the terms of the covenant. God is faithful to His covenant and executes it, even when the other party does not fulfill the obligations.
Commandments: The Hebrew word miswah/miswot is used 22 times. It means God’s Sovereign authority over all creation, including humans, to give direct orders or rules.
Statutes: The Hebrew word huqqim is used 21 times. The word is derived from a root word that means to engrave or inscribe. It signifies the authority of God and the unchangeable nature of God’s Laws.
Precepts: The Hebrew word piqqudin is used 21 times. The word gives the idea of a manager or supervisor who observes the situation or context and provides specific instructions and particular action points. God is interested in the detail of every process as well as the result.
Do I love, learn, and live by the Bible?