Enter through a narrow gate

Many seekers find Lord Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord. All must enter the narrow gate to receive Eternal Life. (Matthew 7:13) Sometimes, it seems strange, but God’s ways are mysterious and sometimes humorous too.
Kolkotte is from a village in Nepal and worked as a security personnel in Kolkata, West Bengal. During the holidays, he returned to his village. He came to know that a few Christians in his village were meeting for prayer. There is an Anti-conversion law that was strictly implemented at that time. Out of curiosity, he attended the meeting.
Police raid
Some informers had given the details of the meeting. Police raided the place and took all who were present into custody. Scared and afraid of investigations, Kolkotte also confessed to being a Christian along with others. He was jailed for six months.
Released and jailed
When Kolkote was released from jail, he wanted to know about Christianity. Interestingly, he was not angry with Christians or Christianity. He became a devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He did not come back to work, instead started preaching about Lord Jesus Christ. He was arrested several times and released.
One government official found that his arrest was not making any change in Kolkotte’s life; he devised a wicked plan. On the pretext of some task, Kolkotte was sent to a faraway place. It was twenty days of journey, and the official thought, Kolkotte would be killed by wild animals. However, he returned alive and safe.
Yembahadur, his son states: In every village where Kolkotte had stayed during his twenty days journey, there are flourishing churches today. Wherever his foot touched, God raised people to become His disciples. (Deuteronomy 11:24) Though Kolkotte went to be with the Lord, his sons are serving the Lord as pastors.
Missio Dei
It is God’s mission, he chooses mysterious ways, methods, and means for people to come to the saving knowledge of Christ. There is no closed door for the mission.
Do I praise Him for His marvelous works?