April 2023

Victory of faith

Though Jonathan is not celebrated as a hero, indeed was one. He and his armor bearer entered the Philistine garrison and attacked, killing twenty people. That led to a panic and the Philistines were defeated. (I Samuel 14) Meager army: The Nation of Israel was under Judges for about 400 years. During that time, there […]

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Dance of death

A 19-year-old Bharat, a fan of the actor, was excited about the release of a movie in Chennai. Along with his friend, he watched the movie, later they danced on the street, and Bharath climbed a tanker lorry. Despite a warning from the driver, he continued the celebration dance. He fell from the lorry, broke

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Death mimicking

In Wat Takien temple, Bangkok a special ritual is held for New Year. Devotees lie resembling corpses in open coffins with flowers and incense sticks clasped between their hands. Monks chant prayers over the coffins, while those inside devote the merit to deceased family members. After the ceremony, they consider that they are reborn and

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Open doors!

Outside the door of a popular restaurant, a man dressed like a king (maharaja) stands, greets, welcomes, and opens the door for each customer. There are many kinds of doors, and many ways of entering, welcomed or self- gotten-in. Lord’s promise is: “I have known your works, and behold, I have set before you an

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A paradox

A Christian leader was angry, he said: “Our God is unjust quoting the scripture passage: ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” (Luke 19:26) The statement seems to be paradoxical, even oxymoronic. The servants get

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