Women ministering to needs

In 1960, Miss. Helen Bailey, Preston Institute along with Mary Louise Slater and Ruth Thurmond recognized the need for the spiritual growth of past students who were pastors’ wives, schoolteachers, nurses, women workers, and mothers in the Deccan region. They invited them to the first meeting at Hanamkonda church. Thus, the Deccan Baptist Women Association (DBWA) was formed to nurture in the Word of God, equip, empower, and encourage women in mission. The vision continues after seven decades. Who can despise humble beginnings? (Zachariah 4:10) The leadership emerged from these God-fearing women, who have blessed generations.
Fellowship with purpose: Rev. Susan Devadass with her team planned a three day (5-7 January 2023) vision conference for these women at Carmel Baptist Church, Kazipet, India. Over 400 women participated in the conference. These women in their fellowships study the Bible, using Community Bible Study International curriculum.
Vision: They also invited one hundred plus pastors to attend the conference for one whole day, i.e. on 6th January. The women were concerned about the spiritual welfare of the congregations. They wanted to share their blessings with others. The reason was that these pastors should also be benefitted by using bible study material provided by organizations like Community Bible Study and strengthen the men, their children, and youth.
Benevolence: One remarkable thing, the women did was give all the 100 plus pastors Rs. 1000 and a tie as a gift. (Over 100000 Indian rupees were raised by these women for this.) It was sacrificially given by these women with a passion that all should study the Word of God.
Inspiring women disciples: Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples were provided for their needs by women disciples according to the Gospel of Luke. They were Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna. (Luke 8:1-3) It is believed that these women disciples went before Lord Jesus Christ and his twelve, to prepare a place for their stay and organize other logistics.
Priority: These women are great examples of seeking first the Kingdom of God and are generous to share their blessings with others. (Matthew 6:33)
Do I have a vision for blessing others?