Open doors!

Outside the door of a popular restaurant, a man dressed like a king (maharaja) stands, greets, welcomes, and opens the door for each customer. There are many kinds of doors, and many ways of entering, welcomed or self- gotten-in. Lord’s promise is: “I have known your works, and behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one can shut.” (Revelation 3:8)
Opportunities: Open doors are opportunities the Lord gives us to be his witness and do His will. Only those who are agile and prepared to seize those opportunities will be successful. The opportunities are sometimes momentary or seasonal.
People open: There are doors, which people open and welcome. In ancient times, huge metal doors were opened by sturdy soldiers at city gates. Godly saints open doors for emerging leaders.
Open (pull or push): Some doors would open when it is pulled. If the doors are pulled rashly, the door may knock down the person who exercises power. Some doors should be pushed. Pulling the door will be futile, and may result in damage. God wants his children to act, with wisdom and guidance, and not be lazy at times. Sometimes, there may not be any indication that there is a door, and it should be pushed. There is a need for discernment with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Revolving door: In the revolving doors, a person should enter at the right time and get inside at the right moment. Wrong timing may result in an accident. The delay could lead to disaster. There is only a window of opportunity that believers should seize.
Automatic sensor doors: When a person reaches the vicinity of the door, it will automatically open. The Israelites under Joshua had to step into Jordan in faith and the way was open.
Secure doors: There are modern security doors, they will be open only when there is an electronic key or code is punched. Only those who are called by the Lord could do it with the keys of obedience.
Do I discern and enter the open doors?