Deceived or Delivered

Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan. (Genesis 3) Lord Jesus Christ by his incarnation, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension has delivered us from the slavery of sin to be reconciled with God.
Doubt: The cunning Satan wants to know what we hold as values or truth. Then he casts apprehension regarding the same. Satan’s deception that he should not be doubted, but God and His Word should be doubted.
Desire: He created a desire or reason for eating the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve would get the ability to discern good and evil. The curiosity to know what is evil, though they never heard that before.
Delight: Eve felt that eating the fruit would be a delight and achieve her dreams. Eve felt that the fruit looked pleasant, attractive and would be delightful in taste too.
Dreams: Selling dreams that will not be fulfilled is Satan’s dirty trick. Satan promised that the first couple will become like gods. Again, they did not know what it means to be like gods. It was just imagination or speculation. Satan did not have the power or capacity to fulfill the dream, with which he had mesmerized Adam and Eve.
Disobedience: They chose to disregard God’s commandment, and the truth and obeyed Satan’s deceptive words. The choice was deliberate and foolish, which is described as the Fall of humanity.
Death: Something within them died. Yes, they lost their spiritual life. The capacity to worship God, relate with God, and do His will. It was evidenced in their fear, sense of nakedness, and shame and guilt conscience that drove them into hiding.
Disaster: Holy God cannot forgive Adam and Eve. They deserved eternal separation from God and be thrown into the Lake of Fire along with Satan and fallen angels.
Deliverance: God in His mercy promised the Seed of women, the redeemer who would make atonement for sin. The Promise pointed towards Lord Jesus Christ, who would bear the punishment of sin, the death upon Himself.
A majority of the world has sadly chosen the deceiver.
Do I follow the Deceiver or the Eternal Deliverer?