A paradox

A Christian leader was angry, he said: “Our God is unjust quoting the scripture passage: ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” (Luke 19:26) The statement seems to be paradoxical, even oxymoronic. The servants get Ten minas (about three months’ wages) from the Master and are commanded to invest in the business. One earned ten, and another five were awarded authority over ten cities and five cities respectively. Another did nothing, not even deposit in a bank to get interest. The Master took away what he had and gave it to the man who had gained an additional ten minutes.
Light received: Theologian Marvin Pare explains, light when received brings more light; light, when refused, brings night or darkness. God’s gifts, grace, wisdom, and love bring spiritual light. Those who refuse or ignore that light will choose darkness. The light should be received with humility and gratefulness.
Unused stagnant well: A well when used, charges the springs so that more water comes up. When the water is not used, it remains stagnant. Such water becomes unfit, stinky, and dark. God’s talents, gifts, and resources are given for a purpose. If it is unused, it means it is abused.
Denial Mode: Some deny what they possess. For them, it is of little or no value, as they constantly compare with others. Hence the little also will be wiped off. If Moses denied it, he had nothing, when he had the staff, how can God reveal his power and give a sign?
Lack of faith: Many believers do not believe in God’s promises. A childless Abraham believed in God’s promise of his descendants becoming a nation. God’s promises are as good as guaranteed possession. By unbelief, a believer denies the Power of God and forfeits the Promises of God.
More and More: Those who are faithful, diligent, and do God’s will be rewarded. More opportunities, more responsibilities, and more privileges would be given. Envying them does not help any lazy and negligent people.
Am I a faithful servant?