Dance of death

A 19-year-old Bharat, a fan of the actor, was excited about the release of a movie in Chennai. Along with his friend, he watched the movie, later they danced on the street, and Bharath climbed a tanker lorry. Despite a warning from the driver, he continued the celebration dance. He fell from the lorry, broke his spinal cord, and died in the hospital. His mother does household work, his father is mentally ill. One teary-eyed relative said: “Who will look after his family? If you think of your mom, dad, and loved ones, no actor will seem big to you. Be a fan of your father. Think of your mother.” (Times of India 12 January 2023)
Commitment: As humans, we all like to be connected and connected to someone. It could be parents or relatives or celebrities or intellectuals or a cause. There are freedom fighters who commit to their nation or the welfare of society or the upliftment of the poor. Bharath made a high commitment to an actor, who may not even know his name, or that he exists. Strangely, people do not want to make a commitment to the Lord who calls by name. (Isaiah 43:1)
Love: Humans have the capacity to love. They could love their studies or profession or games or become a fan of someone. Bharath’s love for his favorite actor was never reciprocated. The Bible teaches that God loved humans first. (I John 4:19) God sent His Son Lord Jesus Christ to die for sinful humanity. (John 3:16)
Loyalty: Love and commitment to someone lead to loyalty. They fiercely protect their object of love and are willing to do anything for them. In contrast, God is faithful to his disciples, and they are also faithful to him. (I Thessalonians 5:24)
Sacrifice: Some are willing to die for something or some cause that they believe to be important, significant, and supreme. The Lord calls his disciples to take up the cross and follow him.
Purpose of God: Following human personalities would lead to death and disaster. Those who follow the Lord will find eternal life and purpose.
Do I love my Lord?