Victory of faith

Though Jonathan is not celebrated as a hero, indeed was one. He and his armor bearer entered the Philistine garrison and attacked, killing twenty people. That led to a panic and the Philistines were defeated. (I Samuel 14)
Meager army: The Nation of Israel was under Judges for about 400 years. During that time, there were trained militia with each tribe, and they would fight to help one another. Under Saul, Israel got a professional army of 3000 soldiers. (I Samuel 13:1-2)
Intimidating army: Philistine army consisted of thirty thousand chariots and six thousand horsemen and troops. (I Samuel 13:5)
Technology: Philistines were very strategic in that they got modern technology. They used chariots and had military weapons like swords and spears. The Israelites did not have such weapons, and only used agricultural equipment as weapons. Only two swords in the hands of the Royal family: Saul and Jonathan. ( I Samuel 13: 19-23) “Let the Hebrews make themselves swords or spears.” There was no blacksmith in Israel. (I Samuel 13:19)
Jonathan’s faith: Jonathan invites his armor-bearer to accompany him to go to the other side where the Philistine garrison was located. Jonathan encourages him with great faith statements. First, the Nation of Israel is the covenant people, chosen and loved by God. The Philistines were oppressors of God’s chosen people. Second, God can give victory with few or many. Even one person with God is the majority. God needs a faithful man or woman to accomplish His purpose. Third, Jonathan said that God will work on our behalf for us. Even if they are only two, God would go before them and bring marvelous victory.
Jonathan’s victory: Jonathan and his armor bearer hit the Philistines. They fell. Twenty of them fell immediately. There was panic in the camp. They were trembling. Philistines killed one another. Israel did not have swords; God used the swords of the Philistines to kill one another.
Saul’s failure: God did not use unfaithful Saul but his son Jonathan. In another context, God used David to defeat Goliath. (I Samuel 17)
Do I have daring faith like Jonathan?