Excuses to Excess

A huge crowd of five thousand men, women (maybe an equal number), and children (maybe another 10000) were gathered to listen to the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. It was evening, people were tired physically and exhausted. Traveling back home (mostly walking) would make them faint on their way.
No responsibility? Lord Jesus did not need any advice. They did not want to take responsibility for feeding the crowd but sent them away.
No empathy: They may faint on their way to the disciples’ assessment. It would be appropriate to give food. It was strange logic: No resources mean no empathy; no care for those who were in need.
No faith: The disciples did not have faith. Though they had witnessed several miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ. They could not believe that God could miraculously feed the five thousand. Sadly, they did not remember how God fed the Israelites in the wilderness for forty years with manna. Forgot the miraculous feeding of 100 by Elisha. (II Kings 4:42-44) They acknowledged that there were five loaves and two fish but were not sure how far it would go.
No budget: A rough estimate for such a crowd was about eight months’ wages for an individual. The common money bag did not have that much. God’s work is not limited by finances, as His power and grace are beyond these earthly parameters.
No infrastructure: Even if money was available, where to get all these provisions? There were no catering companies that could feed these many people. Could there be warehouses for grain where they could get it? Even if wheat or barley is brought, there is no equipment to cook for these many people.
At least organize: Lord asked the disciples to at least organize the crowd in the fifties. Which they did. Probably without understanding how the Lord is going to feed them.
Multiplication: Lord blessed what was available, five loaves and two fish, and asked them to distribute. After all, having a wholesome meal, the twelve disciples could collect twelve baskets that were in excess.
Does my faith move me from excuses to excess?