Goodness of God

The truth of the song ‘God is Good all the time,’ is popular and lifts the spirits of believers. Those who walk in the valleys of distress, danger, and disaster, could sing this song. Yet, there are many believers and others who wonder how a Good God allows such stress, strain, or sickness to affect his chosen children.
Created world: God created the whole world in six days and found his creation was good. (Genesis 1) The goodness was evident in every aspect of creation: purpose, beauty, design, color, features…etc.
Fallen world: The Good created world became the Fallen world because of the first couple Adam and Eve. When they chose to disbelieve God’s goodness which resulted in disobedience, sin entered the world. Sadly, sin tainted, corrupted, and penetrated the created world.
Broken humanity: Sin broke the world into a myriad of pieces. Humans experience a broken spirit, hurt, ego, sad emotions, bodily sickness, and physical fatigue. Broken relationships result in broken hearts. Oppressive, abusive, and exploitative relationships break trust.
Broken world: The natural systems and cycles of creation in the environment are broken causing natural disasters that result in human misery.
Imperfect world: The perfect created world has been marred and there is imperfection everywhere. The thorns and thistles are in all spheres of life. The optimum output is not all attained.
Good News: The good news is God neither abandoned humanity nor the world. God chose to redeem humanity. Lord Jesus Christ came into this world to suffer, die on the cross, be buried, rose again, and ascended to heaven. Through his blood sins are forgiven. (I John 1:7-9)
Good work: Coming to Lord Jesus Christ in faith is the beginning of the good work that must be brought to completion. (Philippians 1:6) The process of making a fallen human being to perfection is complicated and long. Yet, God uses all the unusable, corrupted, sinful, and tainted raw materials to work for the good of His called and loving people. (Romans 8:28)
Do I surrender to the good God to complete His good work for me?