Fall of Goliath

There was a popular body builder who got numerous medals and international acclaim. In fact, many youngsters aspired to be like him. It was result of hard work, discipline, robust habits, and healthy diet. He was like a giant like Goliath. However, he was afflicted by corona virus and died at the age of 34. Many like him are confident in their own power or prowess.
1) Pride of flesh: Goliath had a carnal pride, that he belonged to superior people, Philistine. They ridiculed and terrified the Nation of Israel, which was not strong.
2) Pride of power: Goliath was overconfident on his strength and considered himself invincible. (I Samuel 17:9)
3) Pride of his armour: He was also well equipped for war and his war armour could intimidate any person. Goliath was armed with bronze helmet, a coat made of five thousand shekels (57 plus kg) of bronze, legs had bronze armour, bronze javelin on his shoulders, his spear was long as weaver’s beam with head of six hundred shekels (about 7 kg) of iron. (I Samuel 17: 5-7) Goliath was dependent on his weapons. Sadly, there was no armour to stop a pebble from the sling of Goliath.
4) Pride of his skills and experience: From youth Goliath was a man of war. (I Samuel 17:33) Perhaps, David’s age was the experience of Goliath in warfare.
Yet, David did not make elaborate preparation to confront David. Simple prayer and meditation were enough. God gave him a creative idea of pebble and sling. David declared that he went to war in the name of the Lord and the battle was not his but Lords. David also said that God does not save by weapons. (I Samuel 17:45-47) David had an astonishing faith. God gave victory with a sling and a stone. David did not even have a sword. He had pull sword from Goliath’s sheath and behead the giant. (I Samuel 17:51)
Am I facing Goliaths in my life with His Name or with my own resources?