Fleeting riches?

A tourist went to a small lodge and wants to book it for three days. The proprietor receives an advance of Rs. 5000 while the man goes to have lunch, before checking-in. The proprietor sends that money to the grocer, which was pending. The caterer was glad, he sent the money to tailor to whom he owed. The tailor came to the lodge to pay for his friend who had not paid his rent and he was the guarantor. Meanwhile, the tourist looks at the room allotted, was not satisfied, he asked the proprietor his money back and left. Nevertheless, the money had travelled to three people and had cancelled their debts. Is it not funny? Wealth disappears at the blinking of eyes. Suddenly wealth sprout wings and flies off like an eagle. (Proverbs 23:4,5) One politician said: “Money is not God, but it is not less than God.” Many thinks so. Paul gives instructions regarding riches in his letter to Timothy. (I Timothy 6: 17-19)
1) Be not haughty: Possessions could make a person haughty, that s/he could ridicule the poor. Rich should remember, God only gives strength to become rich. (Deuteronomy 8:18)
2) Do not trust riches: Paul states that riches are uncertain. Lord said that riches are deceptive. (Matthew 13:22) Hence trusting riches will end in disaster.
3) Rich in good works: Money should not be goal of life. Living for glory of God by engaging in good works should be the goal of a believer.
4) Store in heaven: Riches of this world are not eternal. Lord taught us to store up riches in heaven. (Matthew 6:19-21) He also taught us to gain eternal friends with unrighteous riches. (Luke 16:9)
5) Be generous: In fact, generosity is a spiritual attribute. It does not come naturally to most people. Disciples who experience God’s generosity, and grace should be able to demonstrate that to others.
Do I believe that God will meet all my need according to His divine riches in Christ? (Philippians 4:19)