Falsifying facts

In a reputed company, there was an interview for recruiting sales executives. The first candidate appeared. “What is two plus two.” He said: Four. They politely said they would contact him later. The second person was asked the same question. He said: It is something between three and five. The third came and answered: twenty-two. Another man came: He said, what you want as an answer is my answer. The panel said: You are hired.
Misinformation and disinformation: The opinion survey of the World Economic Forum, 2024 listed misinformation and disinformation as the first challenge in the world. The information era has corrupted the world with misinformation.
Multiple opinions: The search engines on the World Wide Web offer millions of opinions, ideas, and conclusions. In the milieu, a searcher could not get the right answer. When there are more options, there is more anxiety and confusion.
Mischievous suggestions: Strangely, the friends in social media and the influencers could offer mischievous suggestions. Sadly, such influencers have become emotional wrecks, contemplate suicide, and wish for death.
Moral values: Instead of providing Absolute truth, digital media promotes relativism. Individuals are sovereign, their decisions are morally right and should not be evaluated by others. Hence, there is ‘my truth,’ and ‘your truth’ and both are considered right.
Misguided Millennials: It is disheartening to note that millennials are educated and shaped by social media. Parental influence, teachers’ influence, and the church’s influence have been relegated to the margins.
Mind or emotions: Instead of developing critical thinking, children are taught to rely on their emotions. Whatever they feel is good, should be done. As they grow up, they wish to do what they like doing. Perhaps, they do not have the skills to earn and are dependent on their parents.
Myth or truth: Hypes in social media are myths of millennials. Like several religions that build their belief system on myth, that is sinking sand, today’s youngsters build their lives on hypes. God’s Word is the truth, that is rock, the foundation for life.
Do I love, learn, and live the truth/Bible?