Finally, Feel Valued

Nepali nurses were recruited to serve in Britain. One nurse said that she felt valued. The profession in her country does not bring dignity or is not considered valuable service and the salary is very low. She was migrating for a better future that included dignity, better work conditions, and salary. (The Scroll, 28 February 2024) Until recently, nursing care was considered a menial job. No wonder, over 35 percent of nurses in India are Christians. All humans irrespective of their job, work, or profession should be treated with dignity and paid a reasonable salary for their services.

Dignity for Laborers: In many cultures, there is no dignity for laborers, workers, or staff. They are mainly associated with the type of work and are treated as lower in the hierarchy. Those whose hands become dirty in the process of the work are considered low-class and low-caste in society. The Lord Jesus Christ worked as a carpenter for at least eighteen years, identifying with the toiling masses. Nurses are not treated with dignity, but mistreated, ill-treated, and deprived of a decent salary.

Love your neighbor: In any profession, there is a need to serve others: customers, clients, patients, students…etc. Without love, it is not possible to serve others. God commanded us to love neighbors as loving ourselves. (Mark 12:31) Service without love will be mechanical and without real engagement with others.

Touch and Serve: The Lord Jesus Christ loved all including lepers and touched them. (Luke 5:12-16) The medical profession is not easy, as it is to touch the patients, clean their wounds, bandage them, and do other services. Some medical systems though ancient did not progress because of the practice of untouchability.

The reward: In many cultures the poor, slaves, marginalized, and low-caste people were forced to serve and given only a pittance. Giving a decent salary does not come naturally for the rich and powerful. Hence, their services are not valued, and hence given a meager salary. So, they wish to migrate to other countries.

Do I respect, regard, and appreciate all irrespective of their jobs?