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A father and son were flying a kite. The boy said: “The string is not allowing the kite to fly.” Father said: “It is not so. The string enables the kite to fly.” The boy did not understand and said, “See, the string is not allowing the kite to fly higher.” Suddenly, the string was cut, and the kite swayed here and there and crashed on a thorny bush. The boy was unhappy. Father said, the string gave the kite power to rise in winds, and gave protection and direction. If the string is cut, the kite will fall and perish.

Foolish desire: Wicked people declare: “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.” (Psalms 2:3) These people do not want to have any rules or regulations. For them, the laws are meant to be broken. It is like cutting the branch of a tree on which the person is sitting.

Hate discipline? Those who love discipline, love knowledge and will become wise, in contrast, those who hate discipline or reproof will become stupid. (Proverbs 12:1)

Lawbreakers: People are afraid of the consequences of breaking laws. For many, a hero is the one who could save them from the effects of the implementation of the law. Hence, lawbreakers are elected to parliament or legislatures. People think these lawbreakers are greater than the law, they can protect them from the consequences of the law. Hence in many countries especially in Asia, democracy becomes redundant.

Conducive environment: When laws are there and strictly enforced, that city or country prospers. Some countries have great and noble laws but remain on paper, never implemented.

Peace and protection: Law-abiding people will enjoy peace. A law like fences protects from potential falls off a cliff. Law protects from bullies, wicked exploiters, evil oppressors, and cunning conspirators.

Blessings: When there is Law, there is a sense of direction. God’s Law promises eternal blessings. Isaiah laments that the Nation of Israel did not pay attention to Law: they missed peace like that of a river and righteousness like waves of the sea.
(Isaiah 48:18-19)
Do I delight in God’s Law?