Adventurous soldier

David was an ultimate warrior. He began with a grand success over Goliath and had numerous victories. He runs like a deer, breaks the bow of bronze, enemies sink under him, and subdued enemies under him. (Psalms 18: 33,34, 39, 47) David was dependent on God and gave him all credit. He writes: “For by you, I can run against a troop, and by my God, I can leap over a wall.”. (Psalm 18:29)
1) Intimidating numbers: David had to face numerous enemies that hairs on his head. (Psalms 69:4) The righteous are bold like lions. (Proverbs 28:1) Horses are not intimidated by the sword and do not turn back. (Job 39:22) Followers of Lord Jesus Christ will face an intimidating number of enemies but never be afraid.
2) Intimidating weapons: The enemies of David had intimidating state-of-art weapons, like Goliath. Satan attacks people of God with fiery darts, and flying arrows. (Ephesians 6:16; Psalms 91:5)
3) Speed and skill: The enemies are abundant in number and are well trained and disciplined; experts and experienced.
4) High walls: Fortified cities had huge walls: 20 feet or more in height, and 10 feet or more in width in David’s times. Jumping over a wall means a supernatural act, only possible with the power and grace of God. No obstruction is too high for a saint of God.
5) Soldiers on walls: Watchtowers were on the wall where soldiers kept watch day and night. Their arrows could be deadly. God can even put the soldiers to sleep as he did to Saul’s soldiers. (I Samuel 26:7)
6) Moats: Around such citadels, there could be moats, with crocodiles. David could combine the long jump, high jump, and triple jump to cross such walls of enemies.
7) Mind wars: Satan would certainly sow seeds of doubt, inadequacy, a sense of being abandoned by God…etc. David knows the name of God; his steadfast love and trust are recognized by God and are rewarded. (Psalms 91:14,15)
All believers face relentless attacks from Satan, his demonic forces, and the people he uses as instruments of unrighteousness. (Romans 6:13)
Do I leap in joy and faith?