Leadership lessons of a carpenter

In the book: Lead like Jesus, the authors give insight into how Lord Jesus as a carpenter applied principles in His mission:
1) Vision: Good carpenters envision something that does not exist. Leaders should be able to foresee or look into the future to create what does not exist now. Lord was able to foresee the Kingdom of God, the Great Commission being fulfilled by His disciples.
2) Good judges of raw material: Discernment of the call of people, potential, gifting, and abilities are important. Good leaders make the right choice of personnel for their team. Lord Jesus could discern Peter to become like a rock and named him Cephas. (John 1:42)
3) Consider the cost: Carpenters consider the amount of raw material needed, and the time needed before beginning the work. Estimation and budgeting are essential tasks of a leader. (Luke 14:28-30)
4) Right plan: Carpenters have carefully defined plans for producing specific results. There could be multiple small pieces that should be shaped, to fix in the grand plan. Lord focussed on the training of the twelve, who changed the world upside down.
5) Standards: Carpenters use accurate measurement standards for their tasks. The truth revealed in the Bible is eternal and should be taught, practiced, and preached.
6) Upgrade skills: A carpenter should be competent to learn and master the use of a variety of tools. There should be many tools in the inventory for a specific purpose. Disciples are expected to find new ways and creative means to communicate the gospel to all people.
7) Lifelong learners and lifelong teachers: Carpenters are lifelong learners. As changes happen in society, in terms of models or patterns or new furniture becomes necessary, a carpenter should be able to produce them. A disciple is a lifelong learner and a disciple maker.
8) Finished: A carpenter knows when his work is finished. Lord Jesus knew when his work was completed as he declared: “It is completed.” (John 19:30) A disciple discerns his/her time on this earth to use it optimally.
Is my boss the carpenter of Nazareth?