Friendship of Impudence?

Lord Jesus taught a parable that teaches persistence or impudence in prayer. (Luke 11: 5-8)
A small room: Generally, the whole family lived in a one room house. Even today it is so in many parts of rural Asia. In the room sometimes, even animals would be accommodated: a cow or sheep or goats. If a man is woken up, the whole family would wake up, including his wife and children.
A guest arrives: One person arrives as a guest late in the night. The host wanted to be hospitable but did not have bread or food to offer him. He wants to honor his guest, somehow, thinking of asking for help from another friend.
Friendly request: For the sake of the guest, the person goes to his friend in the odd hours of the night, knicks, and calls at top of his voice. Even if the man does not wish to rise, other family members would wake him up.
Impudent request: For the sake of his guest, he was desperate even to the point of being impolite. He kept asking until he got a response. It was shameless asking, as he knew his friend would not fail him and he ought to be a good host.
Specific request: The man had a specific request for three loaves of bread. Many times, our prayers are limited to our known estimates or budget or vague.
Response to request: The benefactor responded not just on the basis of the relationship, but with a persistent request that affirms an intimate relationship. The man got all he wanted, not just three loaves of bread. Perhaps more than three or along with butter and jam or curry. The friend was generous. God is generous to edit our prayers according to our unrealized needs that we fail to perceive.
Human persistence: Does God expect us to ask again and again? Is persistence essential for God to answer our prayer? Human persistence cannot alter God’s will and plan. However, it transforms a person to learn faith, grateful dependence, and experience the generosity of God.
Do I celebrate my relationship with God through impudent prayers?