Funny Fury of religious leaders

“Doing Good” to poor, marginalized, destitute and widow is a challenge. There are people with vested interests who try to stop such work. There was one local Maharaja who did not allow missionaries to start a school or hospital. They went 20 miles away in two directions and started school and hospitals. Today, that region where Maharaja prohibited is an island of poverty, while the surrounding areas have prospered.
Lord Jesus Christ was in a synagogue. There was a man who had his right hand shriveled. Some early literature state that the man was a mason, who wanted to go back to his work. Lord Jesus asked the congregation if it was right to do good on a Sabbath day. When the crowd was silent, Lord healed the man so that he need not be dependent on others but start earning his livelihood and contribute to the society.
However, the religious leaders were furious that their ‘culture or tradition of rest’ without purpose was violated. They taught that medical emergency help could be offered for eyes or throat illness. This man could have waited for one more day. “But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law were furious and began to discuss with one another what they might do to Jesus.” (Luke 6:11) They were not furious or concerned when the shriveled man could not work. If there was real concern, they would have tried to find some solution. Instead of finding ways and means to help the poor, disabled man they were finding ways to accuse Lord Jesus who helped the disabled.
Instead of channelizing their energy to help the victim, they wanted to victimize the person who helped the hapless victim. Instead of being furious against the root cause of his disability, they were furious with the Lord who helped the victim.
Is our discontent, anger, frustrations are channelized for good constructive purpose?