Genealogy of Lord Jesus Christ

One person started reading the first chapter of the gospel of Matthew. He was astonished to see so many names listed. Only a great man could have that kind of genealogy. That made him to read further and came to know Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. For many reading Matthew, the first chapter is a challenge with so many names. In fact, the names of forty-two men and five women are mentioned. (Matthew 1: 1-25) The five women who are named are outliers in their life and achievement. They belonged to five different periods of history: Tamar, before slavery in Egypt; Rahab, as they possessed the Promised Land, Ruth, time of Judges, Bathsheba, era of Kings and Mary, in the period of silence.
1) Tamar: She was a seeker of justice, as her rights were ignored. Tamar a Canaanite woman married to Er, Judah’s first son. He died without a son. Levirate Law states the brothers should marry the widow to carry on the dead man’s name. Second son Onan also dies and Judah refuses to give her the third son Shelah. Tamar dresses as prostitute and slept with Judah and got his seal, chord and staff as pledge. (Genesis 38) She becomes the ancestor of Lord Jesus 28 generations later.
2) Rahab: Rahab invited the spies sent by Joshua to Jericho, protected them and guided them. A woman of faith, who opened the door for possession of the Promised Land.
3) Ruth: A great inspiration for faith, service and sacrifice. She left her nation to follow Naomi, her mother-in-law to Israel from Moab.
4) Bathsheba: A victim of deception, ultimately prevailed. Her son Solomon built the Temple which David was forbidden as he had shed a lot of blood in many wars.
5) Mary: She was an unlikely teenager from a poor family. Archangel Gabriel appeared to her and she would conceive through the Holy Spirit. (Luke 1:26-38) She could have been stoned, thrown into slavery, or carry stigma all her life.
Each woman had unusual, unexpected situations and improper situations. Lord was not ashamed of his human ancestors.
Do I celebrate the truth, God became flesh?