Santa Claus declared dead

One pastor was worried. Children in his congregation were more interested in the mysterious visit of Santa Claus and giving gifts. For most children, Christmas was gifts from Santa Claus. A purposeful tradition has become a meaningless superstition.
Origin of Tradition: Nicholas was a famous bishop of Myra (now Demre) in Lycia. He was generous in giving the poor. One of the famous stories is that he gave generous gift that helped three daughters of a poor pious Christian so that they were not pushed into prostitution. He was well known as a bearded bishop in Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Germany and Czech Republic. The tradition became prominent in the West as Santa Claus with a pot belly, red dress, snow white beard riding a reindeer sleigh and bringing gifts to children.
Commercial interests: With commercial interests, market forces promoted this idea by producing numerous products. Christmas cards, stars, trees, nativity scene dolls, Santa Claus images…etc. The Christmas season brough huge revenues.
Misleading children: Children believed this concept and prayed for gifts they wanted: toys or dress. Parents knowing their desire would provide the gift stating it was from Santa Claus. Parents would hang stockings as children see. After children go to sleep, they fill it with gifts. This was perpetuated from generation to generation and Sant Claus achieved a cultic status.
Culture: Soon it became part of Western Culture. Governments, social organizations, market complexes…installed a Christmas tree, a portrait or puppet of Santa Claus with balloons, bells, stars, and nativity scenes during that season. Christmas became just a cultural expression.
Innovative pastor: The church became overwhelmed by tradition, culture and market forces. Sadly, the reason for the season, the birth of Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem became obscured. Hence the pastor created a Christmas play in which Santa Claus was dead and buried and informed children, he will not come anymore. The whole congregation decided to focus on the great truth of incarnation instead of the peripheral aspects of celebration.
Do I celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ without distraction?