Generous Jenisha!

Jenisha Gaikwad (six years old, Pune, Maharashtra, India) has been participating in the online Bible classes conducted for children by Community Bible Study India for about a year. She intently listened to the miracle of Feeding of Five thousand by Lord Jesus Christ, as a small boy donated his food of Five loaves and two fish. (John 6:1-14) The teacher told: “You also should be sharing with others like this child.”
Jenisha’s father had an extra smartphone. She came to know that the son of their house maid, did not have any smart phone to attend online school classes due to Covid 19 lockdown, she thought to help the boy. She asked her father to give the servant maid the extra smartphone to help the poor boy. Their parents were astonished and asked how she got such a generous idea? Jenisha said that she had learned in zoom Sunday class that whatever we have, we should share it with the needy people. And the family gladly gave the smartphone to the boy for school online study. Her parents were also blessed and happy by her daughter’s generous deed. Jenisha’s father called and thanked the Sunday School teacher.
Lord taught us to become like a child, who are spontaneous in showing, love and mercy. (Matthew 18:3-4) Their generosity is amazing. Children should be taught the values of love, sacrifice, generosity, giving and mercy. Probably, the parents of the boy were so generous that he donated his lunch for the crowd. Jenisha learnt from the example of the boy as the Bible story was taught by the Sunday School teacher. It is amazing that the boy inspires children even after 2000 years ago.
When a person shows hospitality to a prophet or righteous, because he is prophet or righteous will receive the reward of a prophet or righteous. Even a glass of cold water shared with a disciple will bring reward. (Matthew 10:41,42) God is not unrighteous to forget our labour of love. (Hebrew 6:10)
How thoughtful and generous am I towards the poor?