Lord humbled Himself

Lord Jesus becoming man to redeem humanity is beyond human comprehension. That he had choice and options but chose humility and simplicity. Lord Jesus humbled Himself. (Philippians 2:8)
1) Not angel, human: Lord Jesus chose to become a man. Of course, man had more limitations than angels. In God’s plan it was essential that Son of God should become human.
2) Birth, unhygienic place: When he was born the Roman Empire was reigning the world in glory. He could have chosen to be born in the Roman palace. He chose Bethlehem an insignificant city and that too a cowshed an unhygienic place for childbirth.
3) Child, Not adult: Adam was created as an adult, not as a baby. Could he have been parachuted into the world as an adult? The Lord chose to be born as a dependent, vulnerable, and weak child.
4) Poor parents: Lord could have chosen a rich family in Jerusalem. Joseph and Mary were so poor that they could only offer birds as offerings in the Temple of Jerusalem when Lord Jesus was born. (Luke 2:24)
5) Trained as a carpenter: Lord Jesus was trained as a carpenter, a blue-collared job. He spent probably 18 years doing that job from the age of 12 to 30.
6) Simple life: Lord lived with the twelve disciples as a community. It was not in a mansion, in simple place. He did not have a place to lay his head. (Matthew 8:20)
7) Human struggles: Lord Jesus went through human struggles like hunger, thirst, tiredness and had to take rest like sleep.
8) Temptations: Lord was allowed to go through temptations by Satan. (Matthew 4) He was tempted in every way like any other human. (Hebrews 4:15)
9) Spiritual agony: Lord Jesus went through the spiritual turmoil in the Garden of Gethsemane pleading for the removal of the cup of God’s wrath. (Luke 26:36-56) His cry to Father of being left alone was great spiritual agony. (Matthew 27:46)
10) Death: His death was humiliation by his own creation, curse, brutal and undeserved.
Should we not humble ourselves like him?