“Girls Only Safe in Mother’s Womb, Grave”

A teenage girl in Tamil Nadu committed suicide and had written that: ‘Girls only safe in mother’s womb and grave. She has mentioned that school is not safe, and teachers could not be trusted. As a note to parents: “Every parent should teach their kids and sons (to treat) girls with respect.” ‘Justice for me,’ was her plea indicating ‘relative, teacher, everyone.’ This is a life snuffed out due to desperation, callousness of society and hopelessness. (NDTV news 20 December 2021)
1) Safety: The teenager has said that a girl could be safe in mother’s womb or grave. She had sadly missed out the menace of abortion. Desiring male child, many girls are aborted.
2) Trust: The element of trust has been badly eroded in society. Institutions like schools and teachers who spend more time with children after parents could not be trusted. Teachers are next to parents, when they fail, where will children turn to?
3) Relationships: In society today, relationships are centered around self. Loving, affirming, sacrificial and transforming relationships are replaced by manipulation and abusive relationships. Selfishness dominates all relationships.
4) Parenting: The teenager has appealed to parents to bring up kids with basic kindness like treating girls/women with dignity.
5) Justice: The girl has demanded justice. The people who harassed, manipulated, intimidated, and drove her to desperation should be punished.
6) Stop sexual harassment: Lord taught in the Sermon on Mount that even ‘lustful intent’ is adultery, violation of the Ten Commandments. (Matthew 5:27-29)
7) Hopelessness: Sadly, no one could give her hope. In fact, the Church has failed to give the message of hope. Suicide was not the right solutions, sadly she could not even dream other options.
Love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 22:39) is the second greatest commandment which is not taught, ignored, and even ridiculed. This suicide note has condemned the whole society: Parents, Teachers, School, Relatives, and Everyone. Can the Church escape such awesome responsibility? Is society plunging into moral darkness?
Do I teach biblical values and give hope to society?