Go in faith

People of God had to venture in faith, sometimes taking only what they have, or even abandoning what they possess. Trusting God, His call, His faithfulness, and His Promises they proceeded into unchartered paths. They were steadfast in faith, and God rewarded them.
Without a destination: Abraham had to leave his hometown Ur, Mesopotamia; and later his new town Haran, and go to an unknown destination. (Acts 7:1-4; Genesis 12:1) Without a map or GPS he had to go. Stars in the sky could have helped, but he had no destination to know which direction to go. Yes, God made him the Father of many nations.
Without resources: Gideon wondered why God had abandoned His chosen people. Lord commanded him to go in the strength he had to fight against Midianites. (Judges 6:14) Gideon trusted God’s Sovereign authority and power and proceeded to deliver the Israelites from their slavery.
Without a sword: David volunteered to fight against Goliath, who changed the war rules, by demanding one to one fight. Saul and his army were terrified. An inexperienced, untrained shepherd boy was willing to go. Saul gave his armor which did not fit David. Without a sword or spear or shield, he went, just with a few stones and a sling. Sling and stone were enough to defeat Goliath. (I Samuel 17)
Without an army: God sent Moses to deliver the Children of Israel from Egyptian slavery. (Exodus 3:10) As a Prince in Pharaoh’s household, Moses was aware of the military strength of the Egyptians. Certainly, he would need a more powerful army than that of Egypt to deliver the Hebrew slaves. Moses was sent just with a staff, and he delivered Israel and led them from slavery to become a nation.
Without fire: Elijah had to confront the false prophets of Baal to prove to the Nation of Israel that Jehovah answers by fire. He called unfaithful Israel to erect the altar, place the sacrifice, order them to pour water over the animals, and then pray. God answered by sending fire and consuming the offering. (I Kings 18)
Do I go in faith when he sends?