God pleasers and men pleasers

Tyre and Sidon were dependent for food supply from the region ruled by Herod Agrippa 1, the grandson of Herod the Great. Blastus, the personal secretary of Herod, was approached and he made a peace treaty that would be publicly signed and celebrated. The delegation from Tyre and Sidon shouted the praise of Herod as savior of their country by providing food. They said that Herod’s voice was the voice of God. Herod also enjoyed the great applause he received. An angel of God struck him. Luke reports that he was eaten by worms and died. Josephus the ancient Jewish historian writes that Herod came to the theater with a garment made of silver, that shined in the sunshine. Suddenly, he felt intense pain in his belly, he violently shook. The pain continued for five days, and he died. (Acts 12: 22,23)

Saul was chosen as the king to lead Israel. He was gradually going astray from doing God’s will. God commissioned Saul to destroy Amalekites and all their properties including their cattle. for their sin. However, Saul and Israel saved the animals to give sacrifice to the Lord later. Samuel confronts Saul and gives him a tough message that God has rejected Saul as king. Saul asks forgiveness and wants Samuel to accompany him for sacrifice so that people do not reject him. When Samuel refuses, Saul pulls his garment or robe, and it is torn. (I Samuel 15:30) Even now, Saul was more interested in pleasing people and retaining his position rather than pleasing God.

Satan wanted to please the Nation of Israel and gain their approval. For that Satan took Lord to the pinnacle of the Temple and asked him to jump, quoting psalms that God will command his angels to hold him from being hit by fall. Lord refused to test God and rebuked Satan. (Matthew 4:5-7)

Many post pictures, information and events but not struggles, pain or losses in the social media to please innumerable friends or acquaintances; just to get more likes.

Do I please God or others?