July 2022

Am I in place of God?

Rachael did not have a child through Jacob, while her sister Leah had. Frustrated, Rachael complained to Jacob: “Give me children or I’ll die.” (Genesis 30:1) Indeed, Jacob was equally frustrated. He shouted at Rachael, “Am I in place of God?” (Genesis 30:2) This kind of conversation between spouses is common. All humans need physical, […]

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Powerless godliness

Paul states about people who pretend to be godly and spiritual but do not display the power of holiness, goodness, and blessings. (I Timothy 3:5) They could be false teachers, false prophets, false messiahs, and false religious leaders. Today, the profile of people seems to be exactly as Paul described to Timothy. 1) Character: These

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Creative giving

“Honor the Lord with your wealth.” (Proverbs 3:9) Christian Giving is a spiritual expression of grace and generosity. Throughout history the Church has excelled in giving for ministry, missions and social work. Even when there was no cash, giving flourished. Giving is not from the abundance of riches, but abundance of heart as the poor

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