Modern day Task masters

The food delivery ‘agent’ is really a slave. When food from a favorite restaurant is ordered, a young boy or girl will bring the food. Sadly, though they are educated, they work for a pittance. Jobs are offered to them provided they bring their own tools: motor bike, smartphone…etc. The owners of such gig companies exploit these hapless workers and multiply their wealth in exponential proportions. This kind of exploitation has been there throughout history.
Task masters: The Egyptian taskmasters like some modern time employers refused to give tools to work in making bricks. (Exodus 5:6-20) The taskmaster accused the Israelite as lazy. In fact, they were hard toilers who built their majestic ancient buildings including the pyramids.
Survival mode: The Egyptian rulers wanted to retain the free service of slaves. They did not pay them fair wages which violates God’s expectations. (James 5:4) Keeping them under constant pressure of hard labor will reduce them to survival mode. If at all they desire, they should think only about food and survival.
No dreams or aspirations: If the slaves are allowed to have free time, they will dream and aspire. Such aspirations could trigger a freedom movement. They understood that an idle body and mind is a devil’s workshop that will upset their social, economic, and political order.
No scope for freedom: The oppressor’s strategy is not to allow any scope for freedom. They were upset with Moses and Aaron who were educating them about God, and they are slaves of God and not of men. Such ideas are dangerous to their political privilege and economic profit. Yes, ideas could transform societies and nations. So, many countries hated the education mission of missionaries including India. Now, some schools have become cattle sheds depriving education of the poor.
Job’s example: “If I have rejected the cause of my manservant or my maidservant… Did not he who made me in the womb make him? And did not one fashion us in the womb?” (Job 31:13-15) Job was generous and benevolent.
Do I have the attitude of Job towards others?