Powerless godliness

Paul states about people who pretend to be godly and spiritual but do not display the power of holiness, goodness, and blessings. (I Timothy 3:5) They could be false teachers, false prophets, false messiahs, and false religious leaders. Today, the profile of people seems to be exactly as Paul described to Timothy.
1) Character: These people lack self-control and indulge in all carnal desires. They are unholy, and do not understand the holiness of God. They are unappeasable, as they are stubborn in their desires or demands. Not being content, they do not know that godliness with contentment is great gain. (I Timothy 6:6)
2) Attitude: The attitude of people who show themselves as spiritual, without true relationship with living God are listed as: Proud, Arrogant, Swollen with conceit, reckless. Afflicted by a superiority complex, boosted ego and are reckless in their decisions. Others are discriminated against, marginalized, mocked and oppressed.
3) Relationships: Their relationship with others is abusive. Even family relationships are abusive. They are not grateful to God or others. The natural affection is missing as they are blinded by traditions or unwarranted zeal. By slandering, they damage the reputation of others. Resorting to violence is their habit. Hence domestic violence has increased around the world. Deception and treacherous in their business relationships. White-collar crimes have also increased. Ten Commandments warns against dishonoring parents, yet older people are abandoned.
4) Self-centered: They are lovers of self-thriving in selfie culture. Their priority is money and not people. Loving pleasure, entertainment and not interested in doing good. Every moment is used for entertainment using smartphones that are not profitable for growth or spiritual life.
5) Pretension: Always learning, never able to arrive at the knowledge of truth. They pretend to be studious, knowledgeable, intellectual, but do not know the truth. Jannes and Jambres were magicians in Pharaoh’s court who opposed Moses by doing counterfeit miracles. In fact, they prevented Pharoah from knowing the truth. The reason for their opposition was a corrupt mind and were disqualified by faith. (II Timothy 3:8)
Do I realize God’s power with contentment and godliness?