Sluggish Sluggards

The person who owned the field was lazy that it impacted his field as well as his personal life. Lazy people lack a sense of urgency physically, emotionally and intellectually. (Proverbs 20: 30-34) In contrast stewards are those who use all resources for the glory of God.
1) Thorns: Thorns and Thistles are the result of a curse on humanity due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:18) Lord Jesus Christ the seed, the word of God that falls among thorns becomes unfruitful. Thorns are the worries of life and the deceitfulness of riches that choke the Word of God. (Matthew 13:22) Seeking worldly riches is like pursuing a mirage or being involved in a rat race.
2) Weeds: In the night enemy plants weeds in between wheat. (Matthew 13:24-30) Some weeds could grow by themselves. Weeds suck the best minerals and water from the soil that is needed for the wheat to grow, thus impoverishing them. A gardener or a famer who is careless will see overgrown weeds, overwhelming the real plants of grain. The yield of the crops would be drastically reduced or lost.
3) Broken walls: Broken walls indicate that the stray animals could walk and eat the crops. Thieves could get in and take the harvest. In fact, broken walls invite the intruders. Nehemiah considered the city of Jerusalem without walls as disgrace and without security. (Nehemiah 1:3)
4) Poverty: Poverty will come upon such negligent owners like a thief. The poverty is not because of lack of land or opportunities or resources or skills. A sluggard imagines a lion on the road, comfortable on his bed, chasing fantasies, and lazy to take food from plate to mouth, also considers himself as wise. (Proverbs 28:19; 14:23; 20:4; 26:13-16)
5) Scarcity: “Sluggards do not plow in season; so, at harvest time they look but find nothing.” (Proverbs 20:4) In the world, where consumer items are in plenty, there is a lack of real food, the Word of God. There is a famine for the Word of God. (Amos 8:11)
Am I a steward or a sluggard?