Samson the entertainer?

During the time of Judges that was for about 400 years after Joshua was a trying and testing time for the Nation of Israel. The Nation that was supposed to teach the whole world about God, His Commandments and His requirements, failed to educate themselves. The Law was not read or taught but simply ignored. Everyone did as he saw fit or right. (Judges 21:25) The Nation of Israel was chosen by God and the Savior of the world would be sent among them. Hence, there was physical attack to destroy the nation, as well as spiritual attack by introducing false gods. God had to raise leaders, who would lead the nation. The nation will follow the Lord and forsake him after the death of the Judge.

Samson was one of such a Judge chosen by God. Before his birth, his parents were visited by an angel who announced Samson’s birth and he will also be a Nazirite throughout his life. (Judges 13:5) His hair was not shaven and he had diet restrictions. As he grew up, he became a mighty man who could do great things. He was feared by the Philistines.

However, Samson forgot His call and plan, and went astray. The Law of Moses forbids adultery, and he violated the commandment. That sinfulness became a bait of Philistines to understand the secret of his strength. Delilah, who claimed to love Samson, nagged her and he told the secret. When he was asleep, his hair was cut. The Philistines came to bind him. He woke up and did not realize the Spirit of God had left him. He was arrested, his eyes were gouged.

Then the Philistines had their festival and summoned Samson to be brought to the stage to entertain them. (Judges 16:23) It was a pity that a chosen, anointed, and mighty man of God was seen as an entertainer. Samson earnestly prayed that God may strengthen him just once. With all his might pulled the pillars on which the auditorium rested, the building collapsed and 3000 people were killed.

Am I steadfast in my call?