God speaks

It is a privilege to worship a living, proactive, dynamic, and intimate God. The living God communicates with humans and indeed delights to speak to His people. (Exodus 20:1) It is not only a personal conversation; God addressed the whole nation of Israel.
Moses among people: Standing at the foothill of Mount Sinai, Israel witnesses thunder, lightning, fire, and earthquake. Then the Lord spoke or answered by voice. (Exodus 19:19) In sight of God, all humans are on the same level or footing.
Public address: Lord spoke to all Israel: small and great. The Ten Commandments were not given to the religious elite but to all Israelites. It was clear communication and all who listened could easily understand.
Do not speak: The Israelites were terrified in God’s presence. They told Moses that he may talk with them, and let the Lord speak to Moses. (Exodus 20:18,19) Instead of rejoicing to listen to the words of God, they forfeited their privilege to hear God’s voice.
Authoritative words: If God had written and given the Ten Commandments, Israelites may not have trusted Moses. However, they heard the authoritative audible voice of the Lord.
Affirmation and New Revelation: The Laws of Moses are not human inventions of Moses or others. Humans have God’s law naturally written in their hearts. Laws that forbid murder, robbery, covetousness, adultery, and lies are all first forbidden by conscience and almost in all cultures. It could be even termed as Universal Morality, as C.S. Lewis states in his book: The Abolition of Man. The Law of Moses authenticated and affirmed God’s commandments and expectations.
Holy God: The Ten Commandments, the moral code was unique and is a special revelation of The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In many religions, gods and goddesses are more sinful than their followers.
Obedience: God does not just give some instructions and forget about it. God sees individuals’ obedience and disobedience. He also measures the obedience: spontaneous, immediate, delayed, joyful, or sorrowful. God also rewards the obedient and punishes the disobedient.
Do I trust that God’s Word is Holy, Just, and Good? (Romans 7:12)