Mount Zion and Mount Sinai

Technology has changed many things in the world. Landline phones were great tools, once upon a time. It helped people to connect, speak, share information, encourage, counsel, and pray. However, that has been replaced by smartphones. The good landline phone was replaced by better smartphones. The author of Hebrews reiterates that the good old has been replaced by the better New.
Better: The author helps and explains the followers of Judaism to understand how the Way through Christ is better. Lord Jesus Christ is better than angels, Moses, High Priest, author of a better salvation. Others are better listed: better covenant, better sacrifice, better blood, better Promises, better resurrection, better hope, better possession, better ministry, better together, and better country.
Fear and love: In Mount Sinai people of Israel were terrified and afraid of seeing the awesome presence of God. (Exodus 19:16) The display of power was earthly. In Zion, there is a display of love and forgiveness, which are heavenly and spiritual. Paul writes Sinai indicates slavery, while Jerusalem as freedom. (Galatians 4:25)
Desert to city: Sinai is in a dry desert land. Zion is the city of living God.
Not one person: At Mount Sinai, only Moses was permitted to go on behalf of Israel to meet God. (Exodus 19:20) At Zion there is an innumerable company, a great general assembly of saints. (Hebrews 12:22)
Mediator: At Sinai, Moses is the mediator. At Zion Lord Jesus Christ is the only mediator. (I Timothy 2:5)
Sealed by blood: The Old Covenant was sealed by the blood of animals. The New Covenant is sealed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 9:11-15)
Invitation and barriers: The Old Covenant had boundaries forbidding intrusion. The New Covenant has an invitation to all who wish to respond in faith.
Law and grace: The covenant at Mount Sinai was about Law, the covenant at Zion is about grace. For a sinner Law prescribes death, the grace provides an opportunity for a sinner to trust the Lord Jesus Christ and not perish.
Do I value and celebrate the New Covenant?