God’s warnings

There was a man of God, who was troubled by others who were his neighbours. They would park their vehicle in his parking lot or hinder his way out by parking in pathways. One day, he rebuked a haughty woman who does that quite often. The woman shouted angrily and left along with her mother in a car. When they travelled a few kilometers, they met with an accident and the car was damaged, they were unhurt. Both the women came back and shouted: “You cursed us, so we had an accident. How dare you curse us?”
The two women knew that they were wrong. They did not follow the rules of parking, when someone pointed out, they humiliated him. Now, they met with an accident and connected that with the rebuking of the man of God.
1) Did not acknowledge: They did not want to acknowledge that they are at fault. Doing something that is contrary to the laws and norms is wrong and will affect the neighbours. Humility and willingness to understand is needed for a person to realize his / her sins.
2) Fight messengers: When the man of God pointed out the mistake, she was angry with the messengers and trashed the message. “Who are you to say this?” is the question people ask when we speak about truth and righteousness. “Who are you to say we are sinners?” This is a common question we confront each day.
3) Vague understanding: When plagues affected the Nation of Egypt, the magicians could realize that it was the finger of God. (Exodus 8:16-20) Yet, they refused to let go the Nation of Israel. The women connected their accident to their sin and foolishness, yet they blamed the man of God.
4) Did not repent: In the last days, the Lord will send various kinds of plagues, pandemics, and disasters on humanity to warn, punish and judge people. They will understand that it is an act of God but will refuse to repent. (Revelation 9:21) Already refusal to repent is evident in the society today.
Am I sensitive to the Holy Spirit to repent?