Grace to the righteous

Many biblical heroes experienced God’s grace including Abraham and Lot. But righteous Lot did not teach and train his wife and daughters and lost them.
Sinful cities: Zoar was previously called Bela (Genesis 14:8). It was one of the five cities of the plain known as Pentapolis. Sodom, Gomorrah, Zoar, Admah, and Zeboim are the five cities. God wanted to destroy these cities because of their grave sins. (Genesis 18: 20) Sodom’s sin was arrogant, unconcerned, and overfed. (Ezekiel 16:49) Zoar had waters coming from the mountains of Moab to form an oasis. Balsam, indigo, and date trees grew there. Material prosperity without purpose was used for sinful activities and experiments.
Abraham’s intercession: When God revealed that he would destroy the cities, Abraham intercede with God. He began by appealing to the Righteous Lord if he would destroy the city if there were one hundred righteous people will in it. Continuing his intercession, Abraham understood that God will not destroy a city if ten righteous people are there.
Abraham’s prayer remembered: When God destroyed Sodom, God remembered the prayers of Abraham. (Genesis 19:29) The city could not be spared as there were not ten righteous people in it. Hence, God evacuated Lot and his family from there, before he destroyed those cities.
Lot and family delivered: Lot, his wife, and two daughters were asked to run to safety. Lot’s wife turned and became a pillar of salt. She could not separate the city from her heart and mind.
Lot’s prayer: Lot pleaded with the Lord to take refuge in the city of Zoar which was nearer. Because of the righteous Lot, the city was spared. (II Peter 2:7)
Cursed generation: Sadly, Lot’s daughters made him drink and had sons, Moab, father of Moabites, and Ben-Ammi, father of Ammonites, through him. (Genesis 19:34-38)
Zoar spared: Sodom was destroyed in 1712 B.C., but Zoar was in existence in 1100 A.D., which means it existed for at least another 2,900 years. The promise God made to Lot to preserve the city was fulfilled.
Do I esteem God’s grace and teach my family?