“Graves of Craving”

Recently, there was a twitter war. Edward Anderson, History professor in the UK wrote on twitter that Idli (breakfast in South India) is the most boring food. (Indian Express, 9 October 2020) There were hundreds of tweets slamming him and a few favoured him. The people of Israel gave into intense craving for meat, they considered Manna a boring food. (Numbers 11:4-9) The same word is used for desire to eat the forbidden fruit and Eli’s son seizing meat from sacrifice. (Genesis 3:6; I Samuel 2:16) God does not tempt but our own desires entrap us. (James 1:14) People wept like disappointed children, not tears of repentance or sorrow but tears of craving.
In fact, the people of Israel could have had meat by themselves, either by hunting in the wilderness or slaughtering the animals they had. They just complained and cried. Creative Memory is choosing certain things to remember and exaggerating them and forgetting others. The imagined memory included plates full of wonderful dishes. They were attracted to the illusion about the Past rather than dreaming about the future – the Promised Land, a land of milk and honey. In fact, they were not filled with gratitude for God’s marvellous provision, instead they despised or rejected the Lord. (Numbers 11:20)
Lord promised to give meat, ‘until it comes out at your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you.’ (Numbers 11:20) Lord sent wind that quailed a day’s journey around the camp. It is observed that quail migration happens over the Sinai wilderness every year. Arabs with nets have caught one to two million quails as they pass through during autumn migration. However, as they began to chew, God’s wrath came upon them. (Numbers 11:31-35) God sent wasting disease or plague that even healthy people died. (Psalms 78: 27-31; 106:13-15)
Are we driven by our desires or lusts or cravings? Physical or emotional appetites could be dangerous for our spiritual well-being inviting the wrath of God. For the rebellious, the cravings became their grave, that place was named: Kibroth Hattaavah.
Am I driven by cravings or by love for our Lord?