Mind of Christ

Paul could boldly state that we have the mind of Christ. (I Corinthians 2:16) Without renewed mind, disciples become tainted and defiled, worthy of Lord’s punishment and judgement. (Romans 12:2)

1) Corrupt Mindset: This has distracted disciples to pursue wealth even by unethical methods. Sadly, even bishops of the denomination were arrested for corrupt administration and sales of property.

2) Criminal mindset: Sadly, violence and conspiracy has become part of the succession plan. One newly chosen denomination leader was compelled to resign as guns were trained towards him by his rivals.

3) Carnal mindset: One ministry leader made himself a deity and misused all ministerial privileges for wicked purposes. He also stage managed the death of his wife and married his illicit lover.

4) Conspiracy mindset: Family becomes priority rather than Kingdom of God. One organizational leader conspires to eradicate 17 leaders to enthrone his son-in-law.

5) Compromise mindset: This has made disciples to practice syncretism terming it as alternative spirituality. They are neither hot nor cold.

6) Clannish/ Casteist mindset: There are stubborn people who celebrate caste-based hierarchy that harms the Body of Christ. Many young boys and girls are not married because of this mindset of Christian parents.

7) Callous mindset: Like people of Sodom, this mindset ignores the needs of people and lives in luxury – prosperous ease. (Ezekiel 16:49)

8) Conquest mindset: Instead of repentance and humility in prayer, this mindset makes people do ornamental, proud and involved in the hype of triumphant prayer. (II Chronicles 7:14)

9) Consumerist mindset: People with this mindset are obsessed with worldly possessions. Without stewardship a huge amount of money is wasted in many vanity projects. Prosperity preachers promote such unrighteous desires in the hearts of disciples.

10) Cultural mindset: There are some who celebrate culture with an ethno-centric attitude. Exalting their own language or their cultural practices above Christian fellowship of koinonia and bringing division in the Body of Christ.
God is calling us to renew our minds with the truth revealed in the Scripture and delete all other paradigms and worldviews.
Do I have the mind of Christ?