Great Restoration of Job

Job was ultimately restored. His restoration has seven aspects. God was faithful to restore Job to his pre-suffering state, and he added bonuses too.

1) Spiritual: Repentance, confession and expression of humility restored his relationship with the Lord. In fact, Job’s relationship with the Lord became stronger and closer. Job attained spiritual maturity also.

2) Mission: Job was generous towards poor, needy, widows, orphans, servants, and strangers. Now, his new mission began; Job was given a mission to minister and intercede for his friends; also burnt offerings on behalf of them. What a privilege for Job? (Job 42:8) Earlier, Job was priest for his own family, now he was priest for his friends too.

3) Material: God blessed Job that he regained all his material wealth. God gave him strength, opportunities, connections and human favour to regain all his wealth and it was double that of his earlier wealth. (Job 42:10)

4) Emotional: Job was able to rejoice. His sorrow was over. He enjoyed peace in his hearts, satisfaction in his mind and was forgiving others who disregarded him during his suffering. Many relatives and friends came to comfort him and gave gifts to him. (Job 42:11)

5) Physical: Job was healed, and his health was restored. The sores were healed and other symptoms of pain, itches, perhaps fever were all gone away. Job lived a long life of 140 years. (Job 42: 16-17)

6) Family: Job and his wife could have ten more children, which is a miracle. It was a reward for Job’s wife too, who got grace from God to give birth to more children in advanced age. The daughters were the most beautiful in the whole East. (Job 42:15) Job gave his daughters inheritance along with his sons.

7) Social: Job was restored in honour and dignity in the society. As before he will be seated at the gate of the city as one of the leaders, elders and judges of the city.

Do I trust God for my restoration, even when I go through suffering?