June 2022

Songs of Delight

Loving God rejoices and sings amid His people. Prophet Zephaniah prophesied during King Josiah’s reign in Judah and gave this great promise. Hilkiah the priest found a copy of the Book of Law in the temple. King Josiah and the Nation humbled himself before the Lord. (II Kings 22:19) He brought many changes including removing […]

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Great Restoration of Job

Job was ultimately restored. His restoration has seven aspects. God was faithful to restore Job to his pre-suffering state, and he added bonuses too. 1) Spiritual: Repentance, confession and expression of humility restored his relationship with the Lord. In fact, Job’s relationship with the Lord became stronger and closer. Job attained spiritual maturity also. 2)

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Midlife crisis

There is a phenomenon termed as midlife crisis. Some research shows that one in four had experienced that. Many could have gone through without realising it. This happens because of growing age, inevitable mortality, lack of accomplishment, sense of remorse and high levels of anxiety. Some factors that have triggered midlife crises could be job

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