Midlife crisis

There is a phenomenon termed as midlife crisis. Some research shows that one in four had experienced that. Many could have gone through without realising it. This happens because of growing age, inevitable mortality, lack of accomplishment, sense of remorse and high levels of anxiety. Some factors that have triggered midlife crises could be job loss, death of loved ones, relocation…etc. There is no specific age, but it ranges from 35 years to 60. These people have a sense of inadequacy or worthlessness and meaningless of life. Few people come stronger out of such a crisis while others are overwhelmed and lead a difficult life.

Perhaps, Moses also went through such a crisis, though at the age of 80. His first 40 years were very eventful. He had the privilege of being a royal adopted son of Pharaoh, had the best education, martial training and loved his parents, family, and the children of Israel. (Exodus 2:10) He tried to help fellow-Hebrew which was rejected and worse he was threatened to be arrested and punished for murder. (Exodus 2:11-15) From slave to prince to refugee was his quick journey. Next 40 years, he was married to Zipporah, raising their two sons Gershom and Eliezer, and caring for the sheep, his extended family inheritance through his wife. (Exodus 2:16,21, I Chronicles 23:14-15) His review of his life could have been his prayer too. Will he die in the wilderness unknown, without a sense of accomplishment and legacy? His questions were like that of anyone who experiences a midlife crisis.

At that time the angel of the Lord appeared in the Burning Bush. (Exodus 3:1-17) Surprised by the sight of the bush burning but not consumed, he went near. God spoke to him, commissioning him to go back to Egypt and deliver the children of Israel from slavery. New vision, new direction, new assignment and new challenge.

Crisis are turning points that could lead to discovering and discerning the God’s purposes in our lives. Midlife crisis is one among them, to focus on eternal things and leave a legacy.

Do I see God’s direction amid a crisis?