There was a huge cyclone that uprooted trees, lifted off roof tops, fell electricity poles, police kiosks, guideposts etc. The rescue team from various places arrived to do some relief operations. Some of the teams were from other places who did not speak the local languages. When they fixed things, some name boards were upside down, sadly, one guidepost was erected indicating wrong destinations. People who started driving through those crossroads were misled and went in wrong directions. One driver of a truck came back and angrily chopped the guidepost with an axe. Lord Jesus also warned about ‘blind guides’ leading the blind, both will fall into a ditch or pit. (Matthew 15:14) The driver was angry to break the guidepost because of few reasons:

1) Journey in wrong direction: He set to go in the wrong direction. Wrong direction also means wrong destination. There are people who mischievously or deliberately send us in a wrong direction. It is dangerous to walk in the counsel of the wicked. (Psalms 1:1)

2) Confusion: The signpost mixed up the right and wrong. Hence, he ended up in confusion. His trust on the guidepost was misplaced. The driver was on the ‘way of sinners’ as he thought to be in the ‘way of righteous’. (Psalms 1:1)

3) Frustration: When he realized that he was in the wrong direction, he was frustrated. It was a great loss in terms of money, time, fuel and energy.

4) Dead End: Many who take wrong directions or roads will end up at dead end or many times in door of death. Bible states: ‘the way of the wicked shall perish.’ (Psalms 1:6)

In the world today, there are many False Teachers, Preachers and Prophets who are like the uprooted guidepost, fixed again by an ignorant. They not only lead in wrong direction; they enslave and ensure their followers perish. Bible is the only True Guidepost of life.

Am I in the right direction leading to right destination?