Herd mentality

A highly placed officer in the government said: “I am sane, I want to remain sane. I am afraid of working among ten thousand fools, I also will become a fool sooner or later.” Many wish to be right, righteous, and good. However, they are surrounded by wrong models and examples that they foolishly follow.
Tormented Lot: As Lot separated from Abraham chose to settle in the prosperous, and flourishing city of Sodom. (Genesis 13:8-13) He did not realize it was exceedingly a wicked city in the eyes of God. Nevertheless, he was tormented in his soul i.e., heart and mind every day. What he saw and heard was wickedness, evil, violence, unrighteousness, and lawlessness. (II Peter 2:7-9) His life could have been a witness, but he was more affected than he could influence people around.
Torment in the digital world: Like Lot, most young people who are hyperactive in Social Media are tormented. What they see, hear, and experience affects their inner person. Their moral campuses become rusted and useless. They are then pulled into the miry clay of multiple sins which include white-collar crimes and pornography.
See and hear: What to see and what to hear are possible choices for most people. However, they refuse to exercise the power to choose. They are spiritually lethargic, mentally lazy, and emotionally exhausted. There is no discipline of self-control. Educated professionals who could do great things are unable to control themselves. They are like cities without walls, exposed, vulnerable, and attacked. (Proverbs 25:28) Like Lot, they make foolish choices.
Torment or Persecution: Paul writes to Timothy that all who want to lead a righteous, godly life will be persecuted. (II Timothy 3:12) Instead of being silently tormented by Satan, the world, and ungodly people, believers should boldly witness and be ready for persecution.
Cloud of witness: There is a great cloud of witnesses who have gone ahead, fighting a good fight of faith in the spiritually dark world. (Hebrews 12:1) Joseph, later Moses in Egypt, and Daniel with his friends in Babylon lived an outstanding faith life.
Do I follow a herd or godly examples?