Mothers who spoil children

Mothers tend to love their children more than their fathers. There are great mothers in the Bible as well as in the history of the church. One example is Monica, who by her tearful intercession brought St. Augustine back to the faith, who became a great servant of God. However, some mothers spoil their children with foolish desires and decisions. Love sometimes blinds mothers that they become partners in crime or even instigators of crime.
Wrong method: Rebekah had twin babies who were struggling with her. She wisely prayed and God told her that she would have a twin boy. The older will serve the younger. (Genesis 25:21-26) She was confident about the prophecy that the younger would be dominating, hence he has to get the firstborn right, a blessing that includes Covenant, Promise, Family leadership, and Family priesthood. Probably, Esau did not believe that. Meanwhile, Esau gave up his firstborn birthright in exchange for bread and lentil stew. (Genesis 25:29-34) Naturally, the blessing goes with the birthright, but Isaac thought otherwise. He commanded Esau to go for a hunt, bring good meat, and cook it for him. Rebekah overhearing the conversation convinced Jacob to pretend to be Esau, take the meat she cooked, give it to Isaac who was blind, and receive the blessing. Jacob was scared and worried, what if he got cursed instead? Rebekah said that the curse will be upon her, but Jacob should obey her voice. (Genesis 27:13) The motive was good, but the means and method were evil.
Wrong motive: Micah’s mother cursed the person who had stolen 1100 pieces of silver. Micah confessed he only stole the silver. Micah’s mother turned the curse into a blessing and dedicated the silver to the Lord. However, she gave 200 silver pieces to a silversmith and made an idol. Micah created a shrine in his home, added more gods, and consecrated one of his sons as a priest. (Judges 17:1-6) Micah’s idols were stolen by the Tribe of Dan and established in the city of Dan.
Do I guide my children in the righteous path?